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Five Facts About Rosie McClelland


Rosie McClelland is a child star who's video blew up back in 2011. Since then, she has been on many shows such as Sam and Cat, The Ellen Show, Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie and more!

Here are some facts about Rosie McClelland!

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Source: Rosie McClelland E! News UK

1. She is a great singer!

Rosie McClelland is a popular YouTuber but she also posts her own music! Her songs have a very postive message and is usually pop songs.

Source: Rosie McClelland on Instagram

2. She has a New Look edit!

Rosie McClelland is very talented and has even got her own New Look edit! If you go into a New Look store and ask for one of her clothes, you'll be sure to get one!

New Look!
Source: Rosie McClelland on YouTube

3. She is part of the Lego Heart Squad!

That's right, if you check out her channel, she is in the UK Lego Heart Squad and has been since she started her channel!

Lego Heart Squad
Source: Rosie McClelland on Twitter

4. She has a younger brother!

She has an amazing younger brother called Romeo! Romeo is eight years young than her.

Source: GIPHY.com

5. Rosie McClelland is not homeschooled!

As much as Rosie McClelland is an inspirational lifestyle influencer, she does not let that distract her school work! She is just like you and I and is living her best life! Have Fun!

Source: Rosie McClelland on YouTube