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How To Be a Better Singer!


Would you like to become a singer and be the next Ariana Grande?

If so, here are some ways you can become a better singer!

Film Yourself
Source: WKYC

1. Record Yourself!

This is a good way to hear yourself sing and know hat you have to improve with your voice. If you feel like uploading the video, the video could go viral, making you a celebrity.

Sing to your family!
Source: Blake Seth

2. Sing to your family!

This is a good way to boost your confidence and get some critism (if any) from your family. Once you've started singing to your family, you could move on to your friends, then to bigger groups.

Drink water
Source: The Independent

3. Drink Water!

You have to drink water in order to keep your voice healthy, your voice sounds much better when it's healthy so you have to make sure you care about your voice and stay hydrated.

Do a singing audition
Source: X Factor

4. Do a singing audition

If you're sure that you're good at singing, why not try a singing audition? You could be featured on TV and even be known by other singers. This could also be a good way to get critisism from the judges.

Don't push yourself too hard!
Source: The Daily Banter

5. Don't push yourself too hard!

It will be hard to get auditions and you might be really shy, but you shouldn't push yourself too hard. You might not sound that good in your head, but others might think you sound good.