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How To Go Viral On Instagram!


Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform where people all over the world can share their photos or videos and get comments and likes from others.

Here are some ways you can become famous on instagram!

Instagram Celebrities
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1. Tags

Tag your video or photo with whatever you can! If you want to get attention on your instagram account you have to make sure the tags are varied but related to the video for other people to find. For the title/description you could write 'Comment if you do this', this way, many people could comment.

Make Your Title Stand Out!
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2. Make Your Title Stand Out!

This will help! If you don't have a good title, how will anyone want to click on your video or photo? Your upload needs to stand out from the crowd. Remember, there are over 2 billion people on instagram, so make your title something that will make someone want to click on it, or even better, share it! You could add things such as 'OMG' or 'YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED' to your title.

Upload Consistently
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3. Keep Your Uploads Consistent!

Make sure you upload as much as you can and write down ideas for any instagram video or photo you might make. If someone follows to your account, they will want to see more of your content. If you don't upload anything, the person viewing your channel will unfollow.

Upload Different Content
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4. Upload Different Content

Try to upload different content so that everyone who view your account or follow you can enjoy it. Maybe you could have 'Monday Memes' where every Monday, you upload memes. Or, you could upload montages or dance videos of yourself and friends. Make sure you keep your content slightly varied, you don't want an account that does memes and vlogs because your vlogs will not get as many views as your memes or vise versa.

Have Fun!
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5. Have Fun!

You have to make sure you enjoy your content! Make sure you have fun making instagram uploads. If you don't enjoy your content, how can others enjoy it? You need to relate to your audience and in order to do that, you need to upload content that you can relate to. Have Fun!

Source: Smithsonian Magazine.com